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The nito soccer curriculum is carefully and specifically designed to emphasize, teach and improve these crucial facets of the game of soccer:

  • Footwork & Ball Control Skills

  • Speed, Agility, Quickness

  • Technique

  • Shooting

  • Tactics

The game of soccer is fundamentally about a player’s ability to control the soccer ball under pressure in a competitive environment. To be effective and efficient in obtaining maximum success in the challenging situations of the game, players needs to improve their FOOTWORK & BALL CONTROL skills. Without these basic skills, the beauty of the game is featured less, and the creativity of the players is restricted, simply because they lack these basic skills.

FOOTWORK is a player’s ability to do whatever he or she wants with the soccer ball. It involves mastering maneuvers with the soccer ball using the different surfaces of the foot: inside, outside, laces or top of the foot, sole and heel. Good footwork develops and improves confidence. It also enhances creativity and allows players to try and experiment with the different moves in soccer. While BALL CONTROL is being able to maintain consistent good touches on the soccer ball, and being able to navigate through the different situational obstacles the game presents to players under constant pressure, without losing the soccer ball. Good ball control skills will help young players to improve their dribbling technique, build confidence, and teach players how to accelerate away from defenders.

At nito soccer, we believe that the physical, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual spheres collectively form a complete soccer athlete. Our Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) sessions provide athletes with a healthy environment in which they are able to grow and thrive by perfecting already existent skills or working on new skills. Our SAQ sessions help athletes develop and improve Coordination, Balance, Efficient Running Body Mechanics, Physical Fitness, Endurance, and make players Quicker, Faster, and improves Reaction Time.

Is there a correct habit or movement in regards to body posture, the positioning of the leg and foot? Yes!
Technique addresses these types of problems. Technique is perhaps the most important skill to have or develop in the sport of soccer. Without this basic skill it is almost impossible to play the sport, simply because any movement a player performs with the soccer ball requires a good technique in order to be successful. This simple yet extremely crucial skill single-handedly determines the greatest probability of success or failure in the highly competitive environment the sport of soccer introduces to players. A good Technique enables players to Pass, Receive a Pass, Dribble, and Shoot more effectively and enjoy more success.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” –Wayne Gretzky.

​ At nito, we encourage and teach players the joy and satisfaction that scoring can induce, as well as the confidence it gives the team as a whole. Even Shooting, technique plays a crucial role in whether a player will sky the ball into orbit or ruffle the net behind the ball with cheers from families and loved ones. Therefore, we spend considerable time teaching players the proper technique, learning by repetition and not moving on until every single player can perform this specific skill well.

There are thousands of decisions to make during a soccer game. In this respect, Tactics instruct each player on a given team what to do in each of those thousand moments. This area of the game helps players know and understand their position on the field, and most importantly, teaches them what to do in the specific position that is designated to each player on the field.

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