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Nito Soccer Refund Policy

We are here to make everyone’s experience a memorable one, both for the campers and their families.
That being said, our Refund Policy is strictly structured as follows:


Cancellations up to two weeks prior to the first day of camp will be partially refunded; cancellations later than two weeks prior will not be refunded.

   If a camper is unable to attend camp due to an illness or injury, we will provide a full refund for each day missed, provided they present a doctor’s note confirming the need for the absence. Unfortunately, without a doctor’s note, we cannot issue a refund. We can, however, credit the funds toward a future camp of your choosing.  For any reasons other than illness or injury, we cannot provide any refunds for missing the camp once campers are already registered.



Sibling Discount: We provide a 10% discount per child if two or more siblings attend any of our camps.
Team Discount: We provide a 15% discount per camper if 7 or more campers from the same team attend our camps.

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